Board Members

President: De Miller

Andersen, Garrett and Melany (Vice President)
Carabin, Chris and Melissa
Christianson, Trey and Laura
Christopher, Craig and Cristie
Conn, Larry and Laura
Dehlinger, Bill (Vice President) and Kathryn
Flesher, Clare and Josie
Flinn, John and Paige
Fuhrmann, Triple and Joy
Gottsacker, Rugger and Nichole
Gulley, Shawn and Christy
Gunn, Sean (Vice President) and Margaret
Hanna, John and Brittany
Hart, Ed and Melinda
Johnson, Mark and Jennifer
Klump, Billy and Cathy
Livingston, Doug and Lisa

Marco, Chris
Markette, Matt and Catherine
Miller, De and Amy
Northington, Tom and Kristan
Pisano, Steven and Susan
Puhl, Tripp and Kerri
Sabom, Rob and Adrian
Seay, Greg and Anne
Sechler, Kelly and Lisa
Smith, Ryan and Tricia
Sullivan, Jamie and Sally
Tyng, Thomas (Treasurer) and Christine
Veale, James and Megan
Winter, West (Secretary) and Tracy
Winton, Hunt and Kim
Woodland, Rusty and Jennifer
Woods, Bailey and Sunnie

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